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The hotcha girls

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» Geoff:

» new journal
hey guys... i have finally come to the steady realization that in less than 2 weeks, i will no longer be in nfty.. no longer making me nftytorgirl. therefore... i have gotten a new lj name... in_the_palisade its some lyrics from a ugly casanova song titled hotcha girls. yea.. someone already had that name so i chose the prase that comes right after it. anyway... that is my new lj so add me to your friends and it will be fun... talk to you crazy kids soon... aloha..
ill post my choice of pictures later.. but YAY JACOB!!!
» hey ya!
umm so things that have been fun:

1. picking up sarah at the airport... for some reason i mucho enjoyed it!
2. going to lunch at fu's garden and putting the oranges in our mouths like monkeys
3. NEW KIDSON THE BLOCK CD!!!!! ~ $3!!!!!!
4. Jacob getting the "i'm a supper programer" shirt
5. umm oh wait, not losing my phone!
6. Talking about Uval to make sarah happy
7. Arriving to services right before the sermon
8. Hitting on Mike Douglas L...(something or another) at the restraunt
9. Jacob asking if the low-carb menu could be changed to "passover friendly"
10. Making a shoping list for my dad being VERY! specfic as to what kind of tampons to get and him still getting the wrong ones! -oh no wait.. that sucks!
11. Sarah trying to read while Jacob watched porn.. opps.. i mean nrop!
12. Amber talking to Jenn for Jacob even though, he just as easilly could have talked to her himslef... this is the love for porn.
13. Waking up and thinking Jacob slept on the chair
14. followed by jacob walking up the stairs and not waking us up - oh wait.. waking us up (4 angry ladies, two menstrating... you do the math)
15. Giving Heath directions to temple :)!!!!!
16. Zipping up kate's jacket even whenno clevege is showing
17. torah study today will be fun
18. Services will be much fun!

and thats all. im going to leave it on a lucky 18 and go get ready...

» services... sung to the tune of sarah.
erin: we can talk about menstral cycles over dinner, but now lets focus.....

umm so ps... i do have a job at greene! and umm yeah! i am way excited... erin called david and since i was there and on speakerphone-ish.... she just told me that a contract would be in the mail for me!!!!! so rachel.. we can still go to camp.. and get pierced on our days off! HOLLA!!!!!

sarah: do you want to lay down and i will jsut strattle...

rtalking about cracking her back...
» (No Subject)

... hopefully....

rachel. you know how important you are to me. i am sooo lucky to have you as my bffl!!!
» ps. RACHEL I LOVE YOU!!!!!

» aaron... i know youa sked geoff to do it...
but i hope that this is ok...

umm so i get REALLY BORED in class and photoshop is the only program i can use on my computer.. becusae i can always put it off as.. ohh im just doing it for yearbook.


ps.. this is real fun! who ever else wants me to make one... to the max!
pps. umm some kids are going to do something mean to me at lunch today.... but jessica told be about it before hand... omg. i am one of those nerdy kids that gets picked on...
» (No Subject)
List of people whom i wouldnt mind caling me tonight:

Paul (even though he is in Israel i want to talk to him SOOO BAD!!)
Sbyer (i havent talked to her in forever!)
Ezra (dito)

Could i stop feeling depressed and just get on with my life?

I want it to be 2:45 so badly! Can i skip lunch (no, thats what i am most looking foreward to) and go home and shower?


steve... if you read this... i have a bone to pick with you.....

» ........
It's me whining.Collapse )

i'm happy about other things though. on the bright side i can play video games all night long and noone can stop me!

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